Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zara's Baby Day

It was a really fun day.  Mama wrapped around me a Moby Wrap.  Also, this girl baby had just been born.  But it wasn't real.  It was a toy.  The baby had a cute little bow on it.  Can you see the cute little bow on the picture?  Do you see my lovely hair too?

There was one problem.  The problem was the baby's milk bottle wasn't working.  That is because it didn't show the milk.  I pretended that the milk was in there.  And I gave it to the baby.

I had three babies today.  They were born today.  Now that I've talked about the baby girl, there are two boys that were born today too.  The girl baby was named Summer.  The boy babies were named Candy and Bubba.

The babies sleep in a box.  That is their bed.  They have a polka dot purple pillow.  The babies have a blue blanket.  I'm going to go ahead and play with my babies right now.

The end of Zara's Baby Day.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Zara's Great Day

I had a great day with Barcley.  I had a great day with brothers.  I had a great day having fun.  Even in the bubbles just like this picture you see.  I loved the long trip when we were going home in the car.

There was a tub with bubbles coming in just a minute.  They were stopping and going.  I got in the tub with my bathing suit on.  You could see the bubbles going all around my face.  I looked like I was sinking, but I wasn't.  Brothers were in there with me too.  They had their bathing suits on, but their bathing suits looked like shorts.

On Zara's great day I picked up my stick and put a marshmallow on it.  I put it in the fire and then I picked it up and took the marshmallow off and ate it.

The end of Zara's Great Day (dictated to Mama)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My favorites

my favorite   food  is     raspberries.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I am 5

Love Zara

I love dancing on Mama's lap. I also like doing it when I'm 5.  I love Mama very much.

Dear Zara (dictated to Elijah, age 11)

Monday, May 13, 2013


I asked Mama a question tonight when she was reading a Bible story.  I wanted to know why Jesus said God when He was talking to other people.  Mama didn't understand me at first, but finally she understood that I wanted to know why Jesus said God instead of "I".  She explained to me a little about God the Father, God the Son Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit.  Then I got it.

A couple weeks ago I got out of bed at night to ask Mama a question.  I like to think when I'm going to sleep.  I wanted to know who made God.  Mama told me that no one made God and that God was always here.  That didn't make sense so I asked the same question a couple of times.  I didn't get it, but Mama said it was something that we can't really understand very well.

This is a picture of me looking at a ladybug.  I like them very much.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank you Lauren!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

32 Months Old

I am 32 months old now.  I am a big girl now.  At least that is what my Mama says.  But sometimes I like to pretend to be a baby.  I found a pippy a few weeks ago and decided it would be the perfect toy for pretending to be a baby.  I even did fake cries.  I still really like dogs.  I laugh and think of how they like to spit on my face.  I can say my full name now.  I like to joke around with people too.  Last night I ran around and made a scary face to Mama and then I went to Daddy and made a scary face.  I think laughing is fun.  I do know how to scream too.  When my brother is bothering me I SCREAM.  They think I am so cute that they keep wanting to give me hugs and kisses, but I need some space.  I love my brothers and I have lots of fun with them.  Elijah likes to teach me about space.  I already know about planets.  Luke likes to run around and be silly with me.

It is almost Christmas.  I don't know for sure when it will be, but I know I'm not supposed to open the presents under the tree yet.  I thought it was time when my brother opened the present from our landlord.  I went over to the tree and unwrapped one of Mama's presents.  I found out that it wasn't Christmas yet.  Soon I think.  I did get to decorate Christmas cookies.  I decorated a few, but didn't let any of the mini m&ms past my mouth.  I like the snow.  I found a box of tissues downstairs while my brothers were in school and decided that the tissues made perfect snow.   I spread the tissues all around the room and threw them up in the air to show the snow was falling.  It was fun.

I like looking at books a lot.  I'll even pretend to read them.  I like the alphabet too.  I like to dance with my Leapfrog magnetic letter set while I learn what sounds the letters make.  Mama says I probably say more than 3000 different words now.  I don't know how much that is, but I can count to ten.  I like to count.  But once I get to ten I go back to seven.

I like to watch In the Night Garden and play with my Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle toys.  They make me laugh.  I especially like the part where Pinky Ponk gets stuck in the tree.  Yesterday when I was playing outside I pretended I was stuck in the tree like Pinky Ponk.  I also like to watch Baby Babble and make the funny sounds on there.

I don't sit in a high chair anymore.  When my brothers started school I graduated to a booster seat.  I like it because I can get down as soon as I am finished.  I have a new bed too.  When we moved to the new house I started sleeping in a big bed.  It is so big my brothers could sleep there too, but they have bunkbeds.

I love dancing with Daddy.  I can twist and jump around.  It is so fun dancing with Daddy.  My favorite food is apples, but I'll admit my favorite dessert is chocolate.  I like it when Mama gives me chocolate chips for dessert.

I don't nap anymore.  I like to be awake all day.  Mama decided that it was best too after I kept staying awake until midnight after I had had a nap.  Every now and then I get a little extra tired and have a catnap in the middle of the day though.

I like to play Wii Active Outdoor Challenge too.  The jumping game is very fun.  Want to join me?